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CHEF TO CHEF with Mark McEwan

follows legendary chef, restauranteur and entrepreneur Mark McEwan putting down his chef knife and picking up a fork to explore the talent, food and people shaping the culinary world.

Each episode takes McEwan on a journey with a rising chef and celebrated culinary talent on their home turf. They candidly share their war stories, wins and losses, and taste the food that defines them.  This is the often sweaty, sometimes dirty and always stingingly honest, unfiltered truth of how acclaimed chefs thrive, find fame and nearly burn out on the way up.

CHEF TO CHEF with Mark McEwan is a completely different food series: part doc, part food, part reality, all truth. Mark’s lifelong experience grant him inside access that cuts to the real story, offering our audience a unique look into how these chefs have survived one of the most cut-throat industries on the planet. Sometimes brash and challenging. Always deep and entertaining.